Boat Trips & Fishing Boa Vista is a Cape Verdean family business and stands for great experiences in the waters of Boa Vista.

Our values are Safety, Quality, Integrity and Client Satisfaction.

Our team consists of over more than 100 years fishing experience in the waters of Boa Vista.

Arjen the owner of fishing holidays and trips Boa Vista


Arjen, founder of Boat Trips & Fishing Boa Vista, comes from the Netherlands.

He was partner of an international consultancy firm serving the chemical industry. From this experience he took the safety-first mentality with him.

Arjen currently lives on paradise island Boa Vista where he enjoys the nice weather, friendly people and amazing nature of the island.

Arjen founded Boat Trips & Fishing Boa Vista in 2018 and, since 2022, he supports owner Adilton with marketing and sales. In addition, he supports his wife and daughter with their company that rents holiday apartments in Sal Rei (Boa Vista) and Santa Maria (Sal).

Arjen speaks Dutch, German, English, Portuguese and French.

Adilton, first captain at fishing holidays and trips Boa Vista


Adilton was born on Boa Vista and lived his whole life on the island. Since a young age he followed the footsteps of his father Jorge, a well-known fisherman. He learned all the secrets from the ocean and has a lot of knowledge about different fishing techniques.

He knows the waters around Boa Vista very well and can bring you to the best fishing spots & reefs or take you to the best places to spot whales, dolphins and turtles.

The Cape Verdean government has licensed Adilton to organize boat and fishing trips. His motto is safety first and the excitement of his guests on board drive him to provide a better service every day. Adilton speaks English, Italian, Portuguese and the local language Kriol.

George, second captain at fishing holidays and trips Boa Vista


Jorge is the father of Adilton and like his son, he was also born on Boa Vista.

He is an experienced fisherman that knows everything about the waters around the island.

He joins his son on the Big Game trips for safety reasons and for his invaluable expertise on the fishing grounds of Boa Vista. Jorge is well known in Boa Vista’s maritime world and he is the one asked by the maritime police to support rescue operations.

Jorge himself loves to go out on the sea for Big Game fishing.

Emiliano, mechanic at fishing holidays and trips Boa Vista


Emiliano is the technical heart of our crew.
He is a Mechanic, an Electrician and a Honda outboard expert. Emiliano takes care of the maintenance of our two motors to ensure they are always in perfect condition.

The Fenix our Big Game boat of fishing holidays and trips Boa Vista


The Fenix is our 22 feet fishing boat make Windy. It has a 135hp Honda and a 4hp Johnson outboard motor and it is equipped with a GPS, Fish Finder and Marine radio. To ensure safety, there are life jackets and a fire extinguisher on board.

Bontchivé, our boat for big game cape verdian style of fishing holidays and trips Boa Vista


Bontchivé means nice to see you in Kriol. This is our 30 ft Cape Verdian fishing boat equiped with a 20 hp Honda motor.  It is used  for our most adventurous trip Big Game Cape Verdian Style.